Publications by Medical Specialty - Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy

These publications were authored or co-authored by Quest Diagnostics staff.

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome associated with secondary syphilis.

Authors: Frunza-Stefan S, Acharya G, Kazlouskaya V, Vukasinov P, Chiou Y, Thet Z
Int J STD AIDS. 2016 doi:10.1177/0956462416664469

Specialties: Infectious Disease, Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy

Cytopenia levels for aiding establishment of the diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndromes.

Authors: Greenberg PL, Tuechler H, Schanz J, Sanz G, Garcia-Manero G, Solé F, Bennett JM, Bowen D, Fenaux P, Dreyfus F, Kantarjian H, Kuendgen A, Levis A, Malcovati L, Cazzola M, Cermak J, Fonatsch C, Le Beau MM, Slovak ML, Krieger O, Luebbert M, Maciejewski J, Magalhaes SM, Miyazaki Y, Pfeilstöcker M, Sekeres M, Sperr WR, Stauder R, Tauro S, Valent P, Vallespi T, van de Loosdrecht AA, Germing U, Haase D
Blood. 2016;128:2096-2097.

Specialties: Hematology/Hemostasis/Thrombosis, Oncology, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy

Comparison of Enzyme Immunoassays for Detection of Antibodies to Hepatitis D Virus in Serum

Authors: Chow SK, Atienza EE, Cook L, Prince H, Slev P, Lapé-Nixon M, Jerome KR
Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2016; 23:732-4.

Specialties: Infectious Disease, Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy

Duration of Dengue Viremia in Blood Donors and Relationships Between Donor Viremia, Infection Incidence and Clinical Case Reports During a Large Epidemic.

Authors: Busch MP, Sabino EC, Brambilla D, Lopes ME, Capuani L, Chowdhury D, McClure C, Linnen JM, Prince H,Simmons G, Lee TH, Kleinman S, Custer B
J Infect Dis. 2016;214:49-54

Specialties: Infectious Disease, Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy