These publications were authored or co-authored by Quest Diagnostics staff.

A recurrent melanocytic nevus phenomenon in the setting of Hailey-Hailey disease.

Quest Diagnostics Authors: Elston, D, Hall, L
Authors: Noor O, Flamm A, Cha J
J Cutan Pathol 2015

Specialties: Dermatology, Oncology, Pathology, Anatomic

A patient with diffuse hair loss.

Quest Diagnostics Authors: Elston, D
Authors: Patel M
Indian Dermatol Online J 2015;6:46-48

Specialties: Dermatology, Internal Medicine

Relationship between insulin resistance and amino acids in women and men.

Quest Diagnostics Authors: Caulfield, MP, Hantash, FM
Authors: Seibert R, Abbasi F, Reaven G, Kim SH
Physiol Rep 2015;3

Specialties: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Intrafollicular cortisol levels inversely correlate with cumulus cell lipid content as a possible energy source during oocyte meiotic resumption in women undergoing ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization.

Quest Diagnostics Authors: Clarke, NJ
Authors: Simerman AA, Hill DL, Grogan TR, Elashoff D, Goldstein EH, Manrriquez AN, Chazenbalk GD, Dumesic DA
Fertil Steril 2015;103:249-257

Specialties: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Women's Health/OB/GYN

Small-dense LDL/large-buoyant LDL ratio associates with the metabolic syndrome.

Quest Diagnostics Authors: Kroll, MH
Authors: Srisawasdi P, Vanavanan S, Rochanawutanon M, Kruthkul K, Kotani K
Clin Biochem 2015;48:495-502

Specialties: Cardiology, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism