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Geisler, William M., MD, MPH

Presentation: The Use of Molecular Tests for Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening and Diagnosis


Geschwind, Michael D., MD, PhD

Presentation: Assessment and Management of Rapidly Progressive Dementia (RPD)


Goldman, Jill, MS, MPhil, CGC

Presentation: Alzheimer’s Disease: An Approach to Genetic Counseling and Testing


Govindan, Ramaswamy, MD

Expert Insight: Targeting Lung Cancer


Gray, Kathryn J., MD, PhD

Presentation: New Guidelines and Offerings for Expanded Carrier Screening


Gudin, Jeff, MD

Presentation: CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

Publication: Concurrent Use of Opioids and Benzodiazepines: Evaluation of Prescription Drug Monitoring by a United States Laboratory


Guerrero, Rubén Bonilla, MD, FACMG, FACB, CGMBS

Presentation: Approach and Molecular Diagnosis of Epileptic Encephalopathies


Gurbel, Paul A., MD

Expert Insight: Aspirin Resistance


Harrigan, Richard, PhD

Expert Insight: HIV Tropism - Genotypic Testing Methods As A Screen For Co-Receptor Antagonist Therapy


Higgins, Joseph J., MD., FAAN

Expert Insight: Neurome - Exome Sequencing for Neurological Disorders

Presentation: Personalized Medicine — Neurology

Presentation: The Post-Human Genome Project Era: The Neurome<sup>TM</sup>

Publication: The Brain Health Assessment for Detecting and Diagnosing Neurocognitive Disorders

Publication: Molecular combing compared to Southern blot for measuring D4Z4 contractions in FSHD


Holick, Michael F., PhD, MD

Expert Insight: Vitamin D - Achieving and Maintaining 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Sufficiency

Expert Insight: Vitamin D New Recommendations For The Prevention And Treatment Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Presentation: The D-Lightful Vitamin D for Health: A Global Perspective


Hook III, Edward W. "Ned", MD

Expert Insight: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Advances in Testing Technology


Islam, Shamim, MD

Presentation: Latent Tuberculosis Infection – Important Developments in Diagnostic Testing


Ison, Michael, MD, MS

Expert Insight: Infectious Disease Testing for Solid Organ Transplantation