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Pai, Aditya, MSc MSc, MS, MBA, CGC (ABGC)

Presentation: Watson Genomics from Quest Core: A Focused Approach to Solid Tumor Profiling


Paolicchi, Juliann M., MA, MD

Expert Insight: Epilepsy: How Genetic Testing Enables More Precise Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy

Presentation: Using Next-Generation Sequencing to Diagnose and Manage Epilepsy


Pearlman, Brian L., MD, FAC, AAHIVS

Presentation: The Importance of Screening for Hepatitis C (HCV)


Perry, M. Scott, MD

Expert Insight: Epilepsy: How Next-Generation Genetic Testing Can Direct Therapy and Enhance Patient Care

Presentation: Epilepsy: Using Advances in Genetic Testing to Improve Patient Care


Peterson, Powers, MD

Expert Insight: Kidney Stones — Understanding Risk, Reducing Recurrence

Expert Insight: Disaccharidase Deficiency: An Overlooked Digestive Disorder


Philipson, Louis, MD, PhD, FACP

Presentation: Monogenic Diabetes: Often Misdiagnosed and May Require Different Treatment


Prior, Thomas W., PhD

Expert Insight: Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)


Pritchard, John I.

Expert Insight: Accountable Care Organizations — Transforming Healthcare Delivery


Qasba, Sarojini Sonia, MD, MPH

Presentation: Tuberculosis Screening: Latest Developments in Diagnostic Testing


Racke, Frederick K., MD, PhD.

Expert Insight: Precision Medicine—An Evolving Role in Oncology

Presentation: Watson Genomics from Quest Core: A Focused Approach to Solid Tumor Profiling

Presentation: Integrating Precision Medicine into the Oncology Practice

Presentation: FISH for Myeloma: What's in a Panel?

Presentation: Monitoring of Myeloid Neoplasms in the Era of Next Generation Sequencing


Randhawa, Inderpal, MD

Expert Insight: Allergic Disease — The Challenge of Recognition and Diagnosis

Presentation: Is It Truly an Allergy? Making the Differential Diagnosis

Publication: R634W KIT Mutation in an Adult With Systemic Mastocytosis.


Reau, Nancy, MD

Expert Insight: Hepatitis C — A Review of the CDC Recommendations for Birth-Cohort Screening

Presentation: Why the HCV Genotyping Test is Still Needed in the Era of Pan-Genotypic Drugs

Presentation: An Update on Hepatitis C: Diagnosis, Management and Therapy


Reichman, Lee B., MD, MPH

Expert Insight: Tuberculosis Remains a Serious Global Health Issue


Roberts, Robert, MD, LLD (Hon)

Presentation: Overview of 9p21 Genotype and Patient Case Study


Ross, Douglas S., MD

Presentation: Hyperthyroidism: The American Thyroid Association Guidelines