Conference Presentations by Medical Specialty - Health Information Technology

Below is a listing of recent posters and presentations by Quest Diagnostics medical and scientific staff.

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Big data approaches to defining HIV transmission dynamics among HIV-infected individuals in the mid-Atlantic United States

Quest Diagnostics Authors: Meyer III, WA
Authors: Seble G. Kassaye, Zehava Grossman, Soo Rhee, William Meyer III, Princy Kumar, David Katzenstein, Frank Maldarelli, Robert Shafer
Event: ACTS 2017: Association for Clinical and Translational Science . Washington, DC, April 19-21, 2017

Specialties: Health Information Technology, Infectious Disease, Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy

OncoKB: Annotation of the oncogenic effect and treatment implications of somatic mutations in cancer.

Quest Diagnostics Authors: Hantash, FM
Authors: Chakravarty D, Phillips SM, Gao JJ, Kundra R, Zhang H, Rudolph JE, Yaeger RD, Soumerai T, Nissan MH, Chandarlapaty S, Traina TA, Paik PK, Loh Ho A, Hantash F, Grupe A, Paraiso E, Ladanyi M, Solit DB, Sabbatini P, Schultz N
Event: ASCO 2016: 52nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Chicago, IL, June 3, 2016 - June 7, 2016

Specialties: Health Information Technology, Oncology

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