Is It an Environmental Allergy? The Role of Serum IgE Testing in the Primary Care and Pediatric Settings

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
12:00PM ET/ 9:00AM PT

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, June 27, 2021 for a discussion on the following topics:
Gain insights into the role of allergy blood testing in relation to the skin prick for respiratory allergies
Understand the link between respiratory allergies and asthma 
Utilize knowledge of allergy tests to determine allergic triggers and inform patient management
Q&A session
Presented by:
Bob Geng, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, UCSD Medical Center, San Diego, California
Sophia L. Thomas, 
Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, DePaul Community Health Center, Kenner, Louisiana
Moderated by: 
Anthony A. Horner, MD
Associate Medical Director, Immunology
Quest Diagnostics

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