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Welcome Letter from Dr. Strom

Welcome to the Quest Diagnostics Personalized Medicine Network – your gateway to educational material, research, and a forum for exchanging information about the practical clinical application of genetic based diagnostics and therapeutics in the growing Personalized Medicine area.

Personalized medicine is the use of genetic, genomic and molecular information for accurate diagnosis, prognosis and clinical decision-making that empowers clinicians to provide the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time. Dramatic increases in diagnostic capabilities for gene sequencing and the development of companion diagnostics are providing the basis for risk-assessment and targeted therapeutics, most notably in prenatal screening, neurology, cancer care and cardiology. As a result, Personalized Medicine is becoming part of everyday medicine.

Quest Diagnostics is committed to advancing the field of personalized medicine. We recognize that if healthcare providers use diagnostics to personalize intervention, and we collect the right data sets and analyze them appropriately, we can provide the correct insights to help guide patient care. In essence, this approach embodies our commitment to the concept of “action from insight”.

At the same time we recognize that this is an emerging field and that there are challenges to be overcome before its potential is fully realized. Do we have adequate resources to provide appropriate genetic counseling? Which genetic tests will be reimbursed? How can genetic information be shared while complying with confidentiality requirements?

One thing is certain: collaboration - between healthcare providers, industry, insurers, advocacy groups and government – will help overcome the challenges to acceptance and accelerate adoption. We hope this resource will be a valuable portal that connects clinicians, companies, and academicians committed to making personalized medicine available to everyone. Becoming part of our personalized medicine network will provide opportunities for collaboration with your peers, while affording you access to the latest evidence-based research, education and publications.

Join us on our journey.

Charles “Buck” Strom, MD, PhD, FAAP., FACMG., HCLD Vice President, Genetics and Genomics Quest Diagnostics

What are the obstacles to mainstream use of Personalized Medicine?

Lack of evidence based research
Insufficient sharing of data
Expense of tests
Lack of reimbursement by insurance companies
Lack of training and education

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Personalized Medicine Summit

May 8, 2015

Quest Diagnostics "Lab of the Future"

Marlborough, MA

Keynote Speaker

Raju Kucherlapati, PhD

Paul C. Cabot Professor of Genetics

Harvard Medical School


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