IdentRA™ with14-3-3eta Novel Mechanistic Biomarker for Early RA Diagnosis

Author: Epstein, Alan, MD
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Category: Webinar
Description: Alan Epstein, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine lectures on Novel Mechanistic Biomarker 14-3-3eta for Early RA Diagnosis and Now... Read more 

Vitamin D for Bone Health and Beyond

Author: Tangpricha, Vin, MD, PhD
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Category: For Credit, Webinar
Description: Dr. Tangpricha discusses potential conditions where vitamin D deficiency is commonly found, explains how to diagnose and treat vitamin D deficiency and review the results... Read more 

Commitment to Children: Eliminating Lead Exposure

Author: McClure, F. Leland, MSci, PhD, F-ABFT
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2016
Category: For Credit, Webinar
Description: Dr. McClure describes the sources and toxicology of lead poisoning, a recent report on elevated pediatric blood lead levels, blood lead test methods, interpreting blood... Read more 

Alzheimer’s Disease: An Approach to Genetic Counseling and Testing

Author: Goldman, Jill, MS, MPhil, CGC
Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016
Category: For Credit, Webinar
Description: Jill Goldman describes the different inheritance patterns associated with Alzheimer disease (AD) and other dementias, instructs attendees on how to use key family history questions... Read more 

Laboratory Diagnosis of Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Syndromes

Author: Naides, Stanley J., MD., FACP, FACR
Date: Monday, August 08, 2016
Category: For Credit, Webinar
Description: Dr. Naides describes the underlying mechanisms that can give rise to neuronal specific autoantibodies and the methodologies employed to detect them as well as explain... Read more 

Integrating Precision Medicine into the Oncology Practice

Author: Racke, Frederick K., MD, PhD.
Date: Friday, August 05, 2016
Category: For Credit, Webinar
Description: Dr. Racke explains the evolution of cancer therapy towards more targeted approaches, illustrates how a patient’s genetic makeup can influence cancer treatment strategies and outcomes,... Read more