A new study supports assessment of family history and genetic predisposition in addition to established cardiometabolic risk factors.
The importance of early identification and treatment of HCV-infected patients
OncoKB offers oncologists detailed information about individual mutations found in cancer

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Lab evaluation hiv quest 2017 for ed cnt_1

Caring for an HIV Patient: Comorbidities and Lab Testing

Dr Sax explains testing recommendations for patients with varying comorbidities. Read more 

Watson genomics from quest core webinar 5.19.2017 for ed cnt_1

Watson Genomics from Quest Core: A Focused Approach to Solid Tumor Profiling

Dr Fred Racke and Aditya Pai discuss the evolution of solid tumor testing, the clinical utility of solid tumor profiling and also describe Watson Genomics... Read more 

Screen shot 2017-06-12 at 2.10.25 pm

Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment: Quantitation of CSF Beta Amyloid 40 & 42

Dr Clarke discusses the advantages in assessing Alzheimer’s disease by measurement of amyloid beta 42/40 ratio, describes an improved LC-MS/MS approach for quantitating amyloid beta... Read more 

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